Recipe Testing

recipeChef Mary Ellen fine-tuned her recipe testing experience as “Recipe Tester” at the Los Angeles Times Food Section, preparing, testing and editing recipes for publication.

Looking for a new marketing twist to showcase your food products? We will develop recipes to package with your new or existing product line.

Need someone to develop your idea into a recipe for publication? We have the experience to take a new idea, develop, test and write the recipe to match the design style of your publication.

Chef Mary Ellen’s “Le Cordon Bleu” culinary school degree and strong creative instincts gives her test kitchen the edge when developing new ideas for food products, cookbooks and industry publications.

Mary Ellen spent four years with the Los Angeles Times Food Section Test Kitchen preparing, testing and editing recipes submitted from famous and not so famous restaurant chefs, writers and cookbook authors around Los Angeles and the world.
Developing and testing recipes of her own for the Los Angeles Times Food Section resulted in two recipes winning “Top Ten Recipe of the Year” awards.

Chef Mary Ellen is available for recipe testing and development on a contract or freelance basis.